Karley Feaver

Karley Feaver grew up in New Plymouth and is now living in Auckland.  She works across a range of disciplines including painting, sculpture and taxidermy. In 1997, Karley spent 2 years at Wellington School of Design studying Industrial Design, before moving to Auckland to study 3D design at Unitec.  Karley has exhibited throughout New Zealand and her works are held in private collections in the UK, Australia, Russia and New Zealand.

 My works offer a vision of a world where fantasy and reality merge into infinite possibilities, uncertainty, and wonder.  Themes such as life, death, beauty, restriction and escapism are explored, sometimes from moments or happenings I experience in my life.  My use of taxidermy can evoke powerful emotions and inspire our morbid curiosity surrounding death.  Representations of humans are introduced in the form of dolls and the choice of animal is deliberate and used as a symbolic reference to the themes I explore in my work.