Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Our First Announcement

tar and feather
1. To punish (a person) by covering with tar and feathers.
2. To criticize severely and devastatingly; excoriate.

From the 4th to the 7th of August 2011, some of the best galleries in Australia and New Zealand will host some of the freshest and most exciting artists as part of Auckland Art Fair, New Zealand's premier contemporary art event.

Not everyone will be there...

Running in tandem with Auckland Art Fair, a selection of artists not represented at the fair will be showing their work in nearby pop-up galleries. One such gallery will be Tarred & Feathered.

To be tarred and feathered was an unofficially sanctioned form of public display. It was designed as a punishment and to force the subject to change their ways or run them out of town.

In August 2011 we hope that won't be the case...

        'This show is not intended as a criticism of Auckland Art Fair. To the contrary, we see it as an opportunity to give art patrons an expanded view of an art scene. During this time the spotlight will be firmly cast upon the Viaduct Events Centre; this is just our attempt to take advantage of some of that light and heat'.


The Organisers.




Auckland Art Fair Announces Exhibitors

Looking forward to August. Today they announced the galleries that would be participating. See press release below:

Auckland Art Fair  April 2011

THIS MONTH   Galleries | Collectors Packages | Tickets
We are delighted to announce our list of exhibitors for Auckland Art Fair 2011 - the fourth biennial fair and our biggest to date.
This year we welcome 10 Australian galleries including newcomers from Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney and Melbourne and the return of some of our favourites. We also have the largest ever contingent from all over New Zealand, from Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Gisborne and of course, Auckland.
You can find out more about them by clicking down the links on the right hand side.
You will learn more about the 200+ artists featured in the fair as things progress but we can say now that it's the most varied and substantial list of artists ever collected into one Auckland venue and they include household names like Damien Hirst.
Happy Easter everyone!
Jennifer Buckley
Director - Auckland Art Fair



Now that we've established you have to be there, how about some tickets?
We have developed some great packages to ensure you won't miss a minute of NZ's premier contemporary art event. The 2011 Collectors packages include one of each of the following: an invitation to the exclusive pre-event preview, a ticket to the Vernissage opening gala; a ticket to the keynote lecture (speaker to be announced very shortly); a 4 day unlimited entry pass; VIP lounge privileges; reserved seating at lectures and more.
The package has a ticket value of over $300. A limited number of Early Bird packages for $250 will be for sale through i-ticket on 1 May.
As one of our insiders, we would invite you to secure one of these Early Bird packages – without paying any booking charges - if you click on this link fill out the downloaded form then post or email it directly to us along with payment, as long as we receive it before 1 May 2011.
How can you resist?
If you are travelling to Auckland especially for the event, SKYCITY Grand, our hotel partner has put together a great deal especially for our collectors. The rate is $179 per night for 3 consecutive nights. Once you have registered for a Collectors package, you’ll receive the link to access this exclusive offer.
Help our friends at SCAPE
Christchurch Biennial

This great event has been cancelled twice now due to earthquakes. You can help them raise funds for the next event by purchasing a commemorative T-shirt. Created by Anton Parsons, the design depicts the number sequence: 043504092010 - the hour, minute, day, month and year of the 4 September 2010 earthquake.
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Anna Miles Gallery
Antoinette Godkin Gallery
Artis Gallery

Bartley + Company Art
Bath Street Gallery
Bowen Galleries
Brett McDowell Gallery
Darren Knight Gallery
David Pestorius Projects
Dominik Mersch Gallery
Gow Langsford Gallery
Greenaway Art Gallery
Hamish McKay Gallery
Ivan Anthony Gallery
John Leech Gallery
Jonathan Smart Gallery
Mark Hutchins Gallery
Martin Browne Contemporary
Masterworks Gallery
Melanie Roger Gallery
Michael Lett
Milford Galleries Dunedin
Neon Parc
Niagara Galleries
Page Blackie Gallery
Peter McLeavey Gallery
Robert Heald Gallery
Sanderson Contemporary Art
Sue Crockford Gallery
Sutton Gallery
Tim Melville Gallery
Two Rooms
Utopian Slumps
Warwick Henderson Gallery
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